Other Videos

Beat Crusaders em Animes/ Beat Crusaders in Anime

Participação do Beat Crusaders em aberturas e encerramentos de Animes

Beat Crusaders participation in openings and endings of Animes
Beck opening 1 – Hit in the USA.
Beck ending 2 – Moon on the Water

Não é o beat crusaders cantando mas a musica é deles

Beat crusaders is not the singing but the music is theirs

Jyuushin Enbu: Hero Tales Opening 1 :Winterlong

Kappa Mikey intro HEY X2 LOCK X2

Bleach opening 4 Tonight, Tonight, Tonight

Gintama ending 14 WoAi Ni

Petty in Pink Flamingo Dorama (Novela/Novel)
Baixa qualidade
Low Quality

kuh Live
kuh Live 2
Gallow William PV

CHEW-STIE BOYZ theme – Acid-Color Zoo



7 thoughts on “Other Videos

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  6. Thankyou sooooooo much…I m a big fan of BEAT CRUSADERS and I m very happy by this site…you have many great lives and videos…I have more lives and PVs if you want I can send them to you ^^

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