Pesela-Quesela In

Foi a primeira banda do  Hidaka (cantor do Beat Crusaders) junto com Thai (ex-beat crusaders) e Ihawara (Ihawara, mais tarde, se juntou a Hidaka pra formar a banda “Gallow”)

O som deles nos remete à decada de 60 americana. Nas músicas, há semelhanças com Beatles e The Monkees (sua inspiração admitida)

Eles só lançaram um album

It was the first band of Hidaka (Beat Crusaders singer) along with Thai (ex-beat crusaders) and Ihawara (Ihawara later joined to form the band Hidaka “Gallow)

Their sound reminds us of the 60s America. In music, there are similarities with The Beatles and The Monkees (inspiration down)

They only released one album


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